College Football Bowl Game Preview

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Welcome back to the Girls on the Sideline pod! This week, the girls are chatting with Whitney’s husband, Greg Melancon about their predictions for the upcoming college football bowl games. Each of the girls ? as well as Greg ? have their own opinions on who’s winning which bowl games, and they discuss why they predict these teams to win.

They also discuss some of the most interesting games coming up, including the Bahamas Bowl and ? get this ? the Dollar General Bowl game being held in Alabama.

Stay tuned, and share your thoughts with us on who you think will win in the 2016 College Football Bowl Games!


Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • The crazy bowl season schedule for 2016.
  • Which games stuck out the most for Whitney, Lindsay, and Greg.
  • Who they think will win the San Diego vs Houston game.
  • Their predictions for the Appalachian vs Toledo game
  • Guess who’s playing in the Potato Bowl ? Idaho!
  • Who’s playing in the Armed Forces Bowl and who the girls (and Greg) think will win it.
  • The girls’ predictions for the South Carolina vs South Florida bowl game.
  • The McElwain Belk commercial ? and how Greg and the girls feel about it.
  • Who the girls picked to win the Arkansas vs Virginia Tech game.
  • Who they pick to win the Liberty Bowl game and why Whitney feels that Georgia is in more trouble than everyone realizes.
  • Who Whitney thinks will win the Tennessee vs Nebraska game.
  • The amazing New Year’s Eve Citrus Bowl matchup and who Lindsay, Whitney, and Greg thinks will win it.
  • Why the heck is Whitney not picking Florida in their New Year’s Eve game?
  • Who they think will win the West Michigan vs Wisconsin game.
  • Their Sugar Bowl predictions.
  • Who they think will win the Rose Bowl game ? or as Whitney calls it ? the Redemption Bowl
  • Their thoughts of the college football playoff games being played on New Year’s Eve.


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