College Football Playoffs and Conference Championship Debates

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This week on the Girls on the Sideline pod, Lindsay and Whitney talk about blow out games, playoffs teams, the College Football Hall of Fame, and commendable teams who they knew would make it to the playoffs and teams they didn’t expect to get there.

They also share their thoughts on Ron Rivera’s decision to bench Cam Newton, Mark Verne Lundquist’s last game, and why they think the College Football Playoff Committee shouldn’t have so much power during playoff picks. What are your thoughts on sports this week? Feel free to leave us a comment with your thoughts!


Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • The Gators blowout Kentucky but the game didn’t feel like a blowout until late game despite how the score blew up quickly.
  • The outcome of Alabama’s game didn’t matter since win or lose, they go to the playoffs and makes championship games not mean much.
  • Washington putting 41 points was a statement saying we will not get screwed.
  • People wanted to play Ohio and Alabama since Day 1
  • The girls think it will be Alabama vs Ohio for the finals.
  • Atlanta hosts college football hall of fame, Whitney thinks it’s exciting since it’s never happened before and may be as fun as other awards shows.


This Week’s Les Miles Coach on the Hot Seat Award:

  • Lindsay’s Pick ? Jim McElwain due to a potential move to Oregon.
  • Whitney’s Pick ? Ron Rivera for benching Cam Newton due to a dress code violation.


Lindsay’s MVP & LVP of the Week:

  • This week’s MVP award goes to ? Mark “Verne” Lundquist since his last game as a sports commentator for the SEC since 2000 was celebrated with a video montage.
  • This week’s LVP award goes to ? College Football Playoff Committee because Lindsay thinks four-team playoffs shouldn’t be decided by a committee.


Whitney’s MVP & LVP of the Week:

  • This week’s MVP award goes to ? The Cowboys for officially being the first team to clinch playoff spot.
  • This week’s LVP award goes to ? Marquette King since he was a jerk for fooling around with the ref’s flag and got a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.


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