Claire Lessinger, Tampa Bay Sports Commission Interview

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This week, Lindsay had the pleasure to chat with the incredibly talented, award-winning athlete turned Director of Events for the Tampa Sports Commission, Claire Lessinger. Claire has had sports running through her veins since early childhood. Growing up, she played a variety of sports such as swimming, golf, tennis, basketball, and youth soccer and by the time she was a sophomore in high school, she fell in love with the game of volleyball. 

Throughout college, at the University of Florida, she played as a volleyball player. Following her dream after college, she became the head coach of the University of South Florida’s volleyball team, transforming the team. During her tenure as the head coach, the USF has appeared in the conference tournament four out of her last five seasons and the team earned third place finishes in the 2007 and 2009 seasons. 

On today’s show, Lindsay and Claire talk about the driving force behind her passion for the game, her major accomplishments and opportunities that she is most proud of, as well as her role as the Director of Events for the Tampa Sports Commission and their philanthropy project ? “For Student Athletes, By Student Athletes.” 


Highlights of Today’s Episode: 

  • When did Claire’s passion and love of sports begin? 
  • When did her love of volleyball officially take hold? 
  • Is the balancing act that student athletes have to juggle difficult? 
  • Did she plan to go into coaching after college, or was it an unexpected opportunity? 
  • What did she plan for her future after transferring out of coaching? 
  • What does her role at the Tampa Sports Commission entail? 
  • How involved is she in the bidding and securing process of Tampa Bay sporting events? 
  • What are some of the factors that come into play when securing sporting events? 
  • Are there any skills she developed as a coach that she feels has served her well in her current career? 
  • What accomplishments is she most proud of? 
  • Who’s her favorite team in any sport? 
  • What was the best sporting event she has ever seen live? 
  • If she was a professional baseball player, what would her walk-up song be? 


Claire’s Advice for Aspiring, Young Sports Athletes Seeking a Career in Sports: 

  • Be strategic. 
  • Networking ? especially for women athletes. Build relationships along the way. You never know where it might lead. 


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