Les Miles Fired, Gators Lose, PGA Tournament Experience

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This week, the girls are chatting about Les Miles getting fired, the Gators losing to Tennessee, the College & NFL Parity, and Whitney’s PGA Tournament thoughts. This week was a very interesting week in sports ? two college football coaches got burned on the hot seat, Ol’ Miss makes a comeback and beats Georgia, and Whitney experiences a PGA Tournament for the first time which ended in a 3-way playoff! 


Highlights of Today’s Episode: 

  • What’s the general emotional atmosphere from the fans following Les Miles’ termination? 
  • Les Miles statistics: won 8 or more games in the last 11 season ? only three other coaches hold a longer winning streak. 
  • Notre Dame’s Defensive Coordinator gets burned on the hot seat after losing to Duke 
  • Gators loss to Tennessee ? it was like watching a different team in the second half! 
  • Ol Miss makes a comeback after their loss the previous week ? this week they beat Georgia! 
  • Is the BigTen the best conference in the league this year? 
  • College & NFL Parody is alive and well. 
  • Lindsay’s possible trifecta effect. 
  • Whitney’s experience at the PGA tournament championship in Atlanta 
  • PGA tour championship ended with a 3-way playoff 
  • The prestigious history of the PGA tour playoff venue at the EastLake Golf Club 
  • What was Whitney’s “strategy” while at the PGA tour? 


Lindsay’s MVP & LVP of the Week: 

  • This week’s MVP award goes to ? the hilarious Tennessee fan that made the ereptile dysfunction sign on game day. 
  • This week’s LVP award goes to ? Les Miles 


Whitney’s MVP & LVP of the Week: 


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