President of the WTA, Micky Lawler

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Welcome back to Girls on the Sideline! On today’s show, our host, Lindsay Grinstead had the pleasure to sit down and chat with the President of the Women’s Tennis Association, Micky Lawler. Micky has led an amazing life as well as career in sports. She has been in the sports entertainment industry for over 30 years and is currently responsible for the WTA’s International growth strategy, business development, marketing, new fan engagement programs, and member and industry relations.

Sports is in Micky’s DNA. Her love and passion for the industry can be attributed to her grandfather, who played for PSV, the Holland soccer team. Today, she shares the incredible story of how her career in sports started, what fuels her to continue her momentum, the challenges she has faced as a woman in the sports arena in the early 1980s, and tips for aspiring young athletes dreaming of working in the world of sports.

Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • Micky ran Track and Field in high school, as well as rode horses, played tennis, and formally competed in jumping competitions.
  • She explains how she transitioned from the Tennis Counsel to working on the agency side of the game and her role at Octagon
  • She describes the attitude and perspective she had throughout her career as a woman in the sports industry and how her mindset has helped her advance her career.
  • She explains why she transitioned her focus from men’s sports to women’s sports ? specifically, women’s tennis.
  • She shares what she attributes the incredible success of the women’s tennis industry success to.
  • She shares her insight on where she hopes to see the women’s tennis industry evolve to over the next 20 years.
  • She explains the moment in her career where she felt most proud of her accomplishments.


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