Sports Sponsorship Expert Meredith Starkey

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Here at Girls on the Sideline, we love talking with other women throughout the sports industry. We love hearing their stories ? whether they are still actively playing or have hung up their jerseys but are still an active member in sports. Today’s guest is Meredith Starkey, Senior Director of sponsorships, entertainment and events at T-Mobile.

Meredith has been an active member of the sports field since she was a little girl. Her mother was in sports, so it’s no surprise that her passion for the industry began at an early age. Growing up, Meredith has played basketball and softball, but her true passion was dance. She danced until she went into high school, where she became a cheerleader, then continued to follow her passion while attending Clemson University ? where she joined the dance team.

Her story has truly inspired us, as we’re sure it will inspire you, to think outside the box, to turn your sports dream into a reality, and fulfill your passion for “staying in the game.”


Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • What was her first paid position in the world of sports?
  • What sports properties has she worked with?
  • Was she actively seeking a job in sports, or did it come by chance?
  • What are the biggest differences between the sports properties in her line of work?
  • What strategy does she take when partnering with various sports properties?
  • How successful was MLB All-Star Week for T-Mobile?
  • What’s next for T-Mobile in sports?
  • Does Meredith get star-struck when she’s around athletes?
  • What achievement is she most proud of?
  • Has being a woman impacted her career in any way?
  • What is her all-time favorite team in any sport?
  • What was the best sporting event she has ever attended?
  • What was the first sporting event she has attended?
  • If college game day was at Clemson University today, what would her sign say?
  • What song would she choose as her walk-up song if she was a baseball player?


Meredith’s Advice for Aspiring, Young Sports Fans Seeking a Career in Sports:

  • Be open to different opportunities and experiences.
  • For those still in school: Internships, internships, internships.


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