Kicking Off Girls On The Sideline!

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GoS Ep001 Kicking Off Girls on the Sideline

Welcome to the first episode of Girls on the Sideline ? the sports podcast that offers a female perspective on all things sports with your hosts and long-time sports fans, Lindsay and Whitney!

In this episode, we want to introduce ourselves to our wonderful listeners and explain what the Girls on the Sideline podcast is all about ? from sharing our vision for the show to what you can expect from each episode each week. We strongly believe that the sports media landscape, although constantly growing and expanding, can use a little extra help reaching and connecting with their female fans. That said, this podcast will highlight the female perspective on various sports, spotlight women who have made a career on the field, showcase opportunities for sports-loving women, and highlight women who are living their sports dreams after hanging up their shoes and leaving the playing field.

We’re not a “Girl Power” show, but we promise to provide a unique perspective to the sports arena, from talking about sports teams and scores to critiquing team uniforms ? we’ve got you covered! We also plan to have a few interviews on the show from time to time. If you’d like to become one of our first interviewees, head over to our website and drop us a note!

And, speaking of interviews, our first interview is my sister, Whitney. Whitney and I have been sports fans since we were little. Today, she shares with us who her all-time favorite teams are, the best live sporting event she has attended as well as the best-of-all-time sporting event she has watched ? either on T.V. or otherwise.

What do you think Whitney’s “walk-up” song would be if she were a baseball player?

Listen to find out!


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